A unicorn in Cantermore.

A unicorn is a playable race in Legends of Equestria, whose most notable trait is the ability to use magic. Unicorn players start off with 350 Health and 55 Energy at level 1.

The starting town and home for unicorns is Cantermore.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

"Often considered higher cultured than the other races, unicorns have an affinity for magic. They have a spell for every occasion; offensive, defensive, or just for fun. This boost in magical power comes with poor defensive power, however, so unicorns will want to keep their distance from enemies."

Abilites and spellsEdit

Unicorns have the slowest walking, galloping and sprinting speeds in-game, only being slightly slower than pegasi by about 1%. This is made up for by the unicorns' ability to teleport.
Unicorns are also the only race that can actively wield magic. Their skills are listed below, according to talents:

UnicornIcon Base Talent Edit

Skills under the Base Talent are unlocked immediately, and award XP to all talents.

Icon Name Energy cost Damage dealt Tension Range Cooldown Description & Notes
GroundPoundIconGround Pound 15 35 +35 2 1.5 "Pony smash!"
This skill awards XP to all available talents.
GroundPoundIcon Bubble Barrage 15 35 -35 2 1.5 "Pony smash!"
This skill awards XP to all available talents.

Cutie magic3 MagicEdit

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
MagicalArrowIcon Hypnosis 1 500 "You expend some of your magical energy to sway a creature to attack your other enemies on your behalf"
Upgrades available: Enthrall, Master Puppeteer, I Need No Strings
SeismicBuckIcon Sphere of Protection 1 20 "You summon a sphere of protective energy around you, absorbing some of the brunt of magical attacks"
Upgrades available: Concentration, Absorption
MagicalArrowIcon Magic Arrow 1 500 "You send a focused blast of magical energy damaging your target"
Upgrades available: Compound Bow, Lingering Damage
RainbowFieldsIcon Poseys and Prickleys 1 20 You can summon forth plants imbued with magical essence to pacify or incite your opponents"

Upgrades available: Pacify, Quell

Cutie red cross Medical Edit

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
Resusicon Resuscitation 1 500 "You can revive your friends to fight longer or at least let them get away"
Upgrades available: Field Medic, Invigoration
Transfusionicon Transfusion 1 500 "Your aura of healing powers drains vitality from your foes, and strengthens your allies at their expense"
Upgrades available: Expanded Transfusion, Mass Transfusion, Enhanced Transfusion
Auraicon Regenerative Aura 1 20 "You activate a healing aura which reinvigorates you and your allies"
Upgrades available: Just a Scratch, A Lot of Scratches
Triageicon Triage 1 500 "You are adept at recognizing injuries and responding promptly"
Upgrades available: Ranged Healing, Trauma Team, Code Blue

Cutie party hat2 PartyingEdit

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
SeismicBuckIcon Change of Heart 1 500 "Get your opponents to loosen up. Calm down the angry ones, and energize the timid ones"
Upgrade available: Life of the Party
SeismicBuckIcon Sugar Crash 1 500 "Your Party Powers are able to drive ponies to Sugar Crashes with too much candy, pacifying them against giving you any trouble about it"
Upgrades available: Sugar Stun, Party Pooper
MagicalArrowIcon Pillow Barrage 1 20 "You pummel your opponents with pillows, but somehow it calms them down. But I mean really, who can be mad in a pillowfight?"
Upgrades available: Seeing Stars, King of the Pillow Fort, Put the Can’t in Incantation
RoughTerrainIcon Candy Shower 1 20 "You rain down candy upon your opponent, distracting and disorienting them"
Upgrade available: Candy Overload

Cutie sword1 CombatEdit

Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
SeismicBuckIcon Seismic Buck 1 20 "Hit the opponent nearest to you with an earth-shattering kick, sending out a shockwave which can disorient nearby opponents"
Upgrades available: Shockwave, Aftershock
SeismicBuckIcon Adrenaline Surge 1 500 "Your attacks build a surge of adrenaline which you can unleash suddenly to damage and disorient your opponents"
Upgrades available: Stunning Blow, Rumble, Short Fuse
SeismicBuckIcon Jeering Shout 1 500 "Taunt a specific opponent to draw his attention away from your allies"
Upgrades available: Get 'em Angry, Verbal Jousting


  • Teleportation spell with a limited range
  • Powerful ranged offensive spells
  • Ability to modify the tension dealt by other skills


For over 5,000 years, humans have depicted or described unicorns, less in their myths than in their natural history references. There are various theories about where the descriptions came from, including the idea that it's a mangled description of an Elasmotherium, rhinoceros, or gazelle.


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