Not much to see here. I'll contribute to the LoE wikia as I come up with worthwhile things. (Although I'm doing a little each day just to earn certain badges.) While no wiki expert, I took part in the MLP:FIM wiki during first season and still help with a non-Wikia wiki for a tablet game (The Blockheads). My avatar is my griffon version of McClaw, rendered by the very generous CrabApple.

My in-game ponies during pre-Alpha:

  • (Rank) Snark. Intended mostly for poking around during OSEs and not having to hold my tongue. Currently imagined as guard ponies in armor (Major Snark is a white pegasus with blue mane, General Snark is a gray unicorn with white mane, and Private Snark is a tan earth pony with black mane, all stallions), possibly with alternate outfits. All have an ink blot talent mark.

In the past I've played ponies with names like Chuck Wagon, Happy Wings, and Silver Belle. Next OSE my intention is to use this pony:

  • Census Taker. Visually based on Derpy, a grayish pegasus with blonde mane and tail, my version is a stallion with Scribble's "quill and scroll" talent mark. The plan is to be taking snapshots of NPC ponies, their locations, and their dialogue.

For my convenience, I'm listing some wiki maintenance links here:

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