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  • McClaw, sustained contributions with good faith — more than any other member since this year, in fact!
  • Silver Scroll, quest specialist
  • Ihengheng, patching up the gaps here and there

Special thanks to "BaronofCaring: Adventurer Extraordinaire" for helping out with gathering stats in alpha 0.1!

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  • Simplified English, but "dialogue" is used for conversations
  • Avoid writing in second person. Instead, use third person
  • <br> can be used to create a line break instead of spamming enter, yus?
  • English, please! This is an English wiki. If you want to create another LoE wiki in your own language, you're free to do so.
  • Do learn to edit using the Source mode, Visual mode can lead to some kinks in the formatting.
  • Pony races not to be capitalized when using mid-sentence. I don't see human being capitalized either. Microsoft Word thinks otherwise because it thinks you're referring to Pegasus, Hercules' magical flying horse.
  • Infobox row titles should not have colons
  • 1 distance unit ~= 1/6 hoofsteps
  • Section headers should not be fully capitalized i.e. ==This is a new section==

Sticky notes[]

Info dump[]


  • Pillow Barrage (???, Type: Soothing)
  • Attack types: None, Physical, Magical, Poison, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Fire, Ground, Steel, Dragon
  • Status effects: None, Paralyzed, Afraid, Poisoned, Frozen, Burning, Bleeding
  • XP gained per-completion; not per-usage, skill-specific (Refer to Talent Marks)
  • Soothing abilities will soothe the target; effects will happen (tradeoffs? Attack, speed, defence?)
  • Best if soothe bar is kept in the middle
  • Formula: Tension = Stamina reduction + ability type + unknown variable
  • Non-violent confrontations in the works
  • Conflict can be ended in "different" ways
  • Crystal centipede enemy
  • Crystal Golem enemy
  • Books (10000+s words on LoE lore, including Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, ponified) are being close to implementation
  • Forgotten tunes of Equestria