This page provides some basic wikitext codes for precise formatting. The wikitext can be used in both the Source and Visual Editor.

Basic FormattingEdit

Name Code Output
Bold '''Wikitext''' or <b>HTML</b> Wikitext or HTML
Underline <u>HTML</u> HTML
Italics''Wikitext'' or <i>HTML</i> Wikitext or HTML
Line breakHTML stands for:<br>Hyper<br>Text<br>Markup<br>Language HTML stands for:
List (Bulleted)Wikitext is:


Wikitext is:
  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Fast
List (Numbered)LoE is rumored to have:
#Crystal Golems

#Crystal Centipedes
#Griffin NPCs

LoE is rumored to have:
  1. Crystal Golems
  2. Crystal Centipedes
  3. Griffin NPCs
Hyperlinks (internal) [[Pegasus|Pegasi]] are from [[Cloudopolis]] Pegasi are from Cloudopolis
Hyperlinks (external)[ Legends of Equestria]'s forum can be found at []Legends of Equestria's forum can be found at [1]
Images (Resized & repositioned) [[File:Wiki.png|70px|center]]
Images (Captioned) [[File:Wiki.png|70px|thumb|left|The wiki's logo]]

The wiki's logo

Text alignment (center) <p style="text-align: center;">Centered text</p>

Centered text

Text alignment (right)<p style="text-align: right;">Aligned Right</p>

Aligned Right


Level 1 headings, or page headers, can be created by typing =Text here=.
Level 2 headers, or page section headers, can be created by typing ==Text here==.
Level 3 headers, or subsection headers, can be created by typing ===Text here===

Special formattingEdit

Use these sparingly.

Name Code Output
Colored text<span style="color:rgb(0,122,255)">System Blue</span>System Blue
Colored background text<span style="background-color:#A0FFBE">Don't forget #</span>Don't forget #
Mouseover text{{Tt|Take note|Mouseover text does not work with touchscreens!}}Take note
Mouseover text (colored){{Tt|font color = FF0000|Take note|Font color is in hexadecimal}}Take note
Custom font size<font size="4">Sizes 1-7 only</font>Sizes 1-7 only
Countdown script <span class="countdown" style="display:none;">Only <span class="countdowndate">December 31 2020 23:59:59 UTC</span> till the servers open!</span>

The infobox templateEdit

Infobox templates are a good way of providing a short summary of the article in question. Let's use what we have learnt above in conjunction with the template.

The game's mascot




Earth pony


Public Relations




Connection timed out

Voice Actor:


|Box title = Ellowee
|image = Image:StaffIcon.png
|caption = The game's mascot
|header_text_color = FFFFFF
|text_color = 000000
|header_background_color = CA3E7A
|background_color = FDF0D3
|Row 1 title = Gender:
|Row 1 info = Female
|Row 2 title = Race:
|Row 2 info = [[Earth Pony|Earth pony]]
|Row 3 title = Occupation:
|Row 3 info = Public Relations
|Row 4 title = Location:
|Row 4 info = Equestria
|Row 5 title = Quest(s):
|Row 5 info = '''Connection timed out'''
|Row 6 title = Voice Actor:
|Row 6 info = ''none''}}
Read here for an explanation.
Use the {{clr}} template to have clean line breaks. Useful when you want your next line of text to be below an image or a template. Just type {{clr}}.

Here's a new line after using the {{clr}} template.

Sortable TablesEdit

These are useful for categorizing things alphabetically or numerically.
Read here on how to use.
Basic example:

Sortable table
Automatically sorts by alphabet Detects numbers, too Date as well Unsortable
d 20 2008-11-24 This
aa 8 2004-03-01 column
ab 6 1979-07-23 cannot
c 4 1492-12-08 be
e 0 1601-08-13 sorted.

{| class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
|+ Sortable table
! scope="col" | Automatically sorts by alphabet
! scope="col" | Detects numbers, too
! scope="col" | Date as well
! scope="col" class="unsortable" | Unsortable
| d || 20 || 2008-11-24 || This
| aa || 8 || 2004-03-01 || column
| ab || 6 || 1979-07-23 || cannot
| c || 4 || 1492-12-08 || be
| e || 0 || 1601-08-13 || sorted.

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