Legends of Equestria Wiki

So I just started playing this game like three our four days ago (as of this post's date) and I have to say, despite the BETA nature of the game, I'm enjoying myself quite well. So much that I have made a cart load of edits on the wiki here. I want to explain myself as to why I would make so many edits in such a short time.

I am all about accuracy where I can get it. Most of the time when I game, I just play and have fun. Sometimes, however, and more often than I'd like to admit, I get stuck and can't figure out what I need or where I need it. I then turn to the appropriate wiki in response. I've made extensive use of the Dragon Age wiki.

Since I blow a gasket anytime I find out that a game wiki is wrong, I decided to save myself and future players the frustration by updating things when I know they are blatantly incorrect. Given the fact that the game is not only in beta, but is an MMO and subject to change based on needs, the wiki will likely be in a constant need of updating. This is to be expected, especially as the wonderful ponies who are putting the game together have their hands full.

I can't promise I won't make errors, but I can try to keep them minor. I see no need to reinvent the wheel so I doubt I would need to change any flavor text or other such stylistic things. If I do, it will almost always be minor. I certainly am not the best writer so sticking to simple numbers and facts is the way for me to go.

I have added a few new pages and based the text off already existing ones, but I admit my writing isn't always flavorable or polished. If anyone feels that those pages could do with some polishing, by all means polish away. Just please make sure that you are as concise and accurate as can be, because that's the whole point.

Tenor1411 (talk) 13:53, September 17, 2017 (UTC)