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Visa to the Heart is a short quest available from Visa on the second floor of the Crystal Castle. The player has the option of helping her and her secret crush, the guard Breakout, get together, via a clever little plot. If successful, the player is rewarded with 200 bits and 200 XP in all talents.


If the player accepts the quest, Visa will give instructions to seek out Breakout on the third floor of the Crystal Castle and insult her to his face, so that he will jump to her defence and realise he is braver than he thinks. She also gives the player a note, to give to Breakout after his bravery is proven.

If the player questions the moral and ethical validity of the quest, Visa will understand and not hold it against the player, and will still give out the quest if asked again.

Journal: Visa, a pony working under the Foreign Ministry, wants me to talk to the new patrol guard, Breakout. I should help the poor guy get his confidence back, all by forcing him to defend Visa's honor…somehow.

  • Find Breakout and deliver Visa's note.

Once the quest is accepted, the player has several options to choose from in insults, all with the same result: Breakout gets his confidence and agrees to Visas request for a date.

Journal: I helped Breakout get his confidence back, and he's much better off now. However, Visa asked him out on a date in the process. I'll go back to Visa and let her know the good news, but maybe I should ask her about that romance stuff as well.

  • Report back to Visa

The player has another opportunity to bring up the ethical and moral concerns about her request, but she will simply thank the player for helping her out.

Journal: Date night is saved for Visa and Breakout


Upon completion of this quest, the player receives 200 Bits and 200 XP in all talents.


  • While at one point during the dialogue the player can claim that they could have read the note at any time while it was in their posession, the item cannot actually be read.