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A Waterfall Tree in the Heartlands

A Waterfall Tree is a large, sculpted tree that can be found in both Ponydale and The Heartlands. They have sometimes been referred to as "spa trees".


Waterfall trees are broader than most trees and have pools of water at its base, held in place by circles of the tree's roots. These are fed by small waterfalls spilling from pools of water higher up in the tree.

Where Found[]

There is one Waterfall Tree in Ponydale, located in the southwest. Two ponies can be found there, Enigma and Tonic.

There are two Waterfall Trees in the Heartlands. They are located in the southwestern and eastern areas. The eastern tree is near the portal to White Tail Park whilst the southwestern one, which touches the player movement limit, is very close to the portal to Cantermore and may have Birch Dryads wandering nearby.