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Way Out is an earth pony NPC who can be found at the end of the Crystal Caves below Crystal Library in the Crystal Kingdom. He wears a red hat and a saddlebag and has a two-tone mane. Talking to him will teleport the player out of the Crystal Library entirely and back to the Crystal Kingdom. Doing so will give the player a reward for helping him find a way out of the caves.


  • Finally you've found me. I've been wandering in these caverns for a long time. I came down here to mine and found a lot fo good ores, but haven't been able to find my way out. Now we can follow your trail back.
  • Oh, you can have all this, I'm just glad to get out. You'll need six free inventory slots to claim them. Are you ready to leave?
    • Answering Sure will teleport the player back to the Crystal Kingdom and place up to six items in their inventory, from a random set of rewards shown in the table below.
    • Answering Not yet will result this reply from Way Out:
      • Sure thing, just let me know when. Try not to stay too long, though, I feel an ancient magical presence nearby and I don't like it.


Reward sets are drawn randomly from the table below. There is an equal probability of rolling all five reward sets.

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5