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Hello, I'm Weremetalwolf, but people have started to refer to me with the name "Meetal" so I adopted that nickname ever since.


I was born in Italy on the 27th of March of 1995, though, I don't have the Italian citizenship because none of my parents is italian but portuguese. I've frequented all the schools in Italy which helped me to learn the language quite fast even if it wasn't my main language. However, English was the language I knew the best and I also was the best between my classmates. I never was a particular talkative person but rather extremely introverted, which led me to avoid most contact from other people and make my own world in my mind. This introversion wasn't caused because I was born like that but due external episodes which made me like I am now. Being a stranger in a place in which were only italians made so that I was bullied due the racism of not being like the mass so that caused me to make my own world, my own friends where I couldn't be hurt. In video games.

I became a gamer as, in fact, defense to be what I wanted to be. The one that everyone loved, that everyone saw as the hero, thus the player of most rpgs. However, due my liking for games, I started to look for more and more games. Some more challanging, others just more fun. So it was just a matter of time before I would find first, the My Little Pony series, and then the Legend of Equestria game and forum.

I found found myself like if I entered in a family already on the first day I made an account. Thanks to this forum, I made many precious friends even if it happened that I lost some afterwards. I was an avid roleplayer when I still wasn't a moderator and in fact that's where I made most of my friends. Now that I became a mod, I can't rp in this forum, however I keep rping elsewhere.

It took me two years to finally become a moderator of Legend of Equestria and now I couldn't be happier, well, maybe a hug would be apprecieted,


-I have a youtube channel in which I do let's plays of different games, however, I'm rather slow at uploading new videos since I don't feel really comfortable in making commentaries while my parents are around.

-The first game I remember playing was Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.

-Even though I'm not Italian, I have the Portuguese and Australian citizenship.

-The pony I have as avatar is not my ponysona but the first character I made in the forum "Silent Shadow".

-My ponysona name is Moongazer.

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