Hello...my name isn't important but I'll say it anyways "My name is Anthony" I am part of the Team, I work on Le' Sound effects, programs I use are wavepad sound editor and FL Studio..When constructing a sound, I imitate it with my mouth, and try getting sounds to fit it, or alter my voice to sound like a realistic effect or whatever you may cawl it. Lez get to buzniss

Bout meh:: I am a very complex person to understand perfectly, to get to know me well you have to know me in real life. Most of the time I am very lost in my own little world during the day and night, if you were to talk to me I would sound very puzzled and confused unless I knew what you are talking about. I spend most of my time managing my servers and forums, doing school related stuph and the other times I just hang out with my friends after school is over, and do random things, like play basketball, handball, baseball, but it's rare to see me playing sports because I am rather VERY lazy and like to relax and do nothing at all and return to my "zone". I may be a bit dimwitted at times, but I tend to say or do very wise things to people when they ever need it, to make them feel better and less upset or blue or green or red...or any color of the rainbow. I am very fun to be with because I sometimes act silly, and say/do random things for no apparent reason. And like SweBow knows..I am really crazy, and a quite insane, so watch out for my crazy shenanigans. My craving most of the times are ironically Muffins. I just love them especially Apple Cinnamon and Blueberry, my mouth will just melt in awe of how good it is. I also relate myself to Derpy, I can bea klutz, and I can do the eye thing. And I like to troll people on TF2, because it's funneh...but I eventually stop. Also I have 2 voices my regular voice and my girl voice...the only people that actually heard that voice were people who talk to me on Skype or TF2, it's both funny and downright creepy. Still funny tho. Im also currently a Senior in HS graduating soon this June I hope. And my major in College will be Computer Science (I heard they make lots of salad) anywhowewoo, feel free to pm me, I will be on the irc at some points so....i guess I might see you thaar.

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